Little Girl Teaches Us How To Change A Car Battery, And More…

Automologist LING is inspired by this little kid who shows us that even girls can know a lot about cars.

Where I live, and I suspect in most parts of the world, the common perception is that women are bad drivers and do not know how a car works, much less how to fix it. About a month ago, the results of a local survey by a car battery manufacturer kept popping up on my news feed (to my annoyance), highlighting that only 1% of women, compared to 48% of men, said they knew how to troubleshoot a vehicle when it breaks down.

I beg to differ.

If my past experiences are anything to go by, then women more readily admit that they don’t know cars. Men just pretend they do (most of them, anyway). Especially now that cars are chock-full of electronics, software and all sorts of newfangled technology, figuring out the problem with a car often takes more than just tinkering around with a spanner—and I doubt that most drivers, male or female, have much of an understanding about electronics and programming.

That, and the fact that women are not encouraged to play with “boy’s toys” (and vice versa). We’re living in 2018 now, folks. We should realise by now that fixing a car doesn’t require much brawn. So, to those 99% of womenfolk who said they don’t know what to do, let this little girl teach you…and let’s learn from her to not let gender determine what we can or cannot do. (Except childbirth. Sorry, boys, that’s still exclusively ours.)

Check out her Youtube channel as she also teaches us how to change a lock, fix a leaky faucet, and, er, shave.

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