Limited Edition Ducati Scrambler created with Italia Independent

Two great Italian marques come together to create a sophisticated, limited edition machine. Ducati and eyewear brand, Italia Independent, collaborated to create a unique scrambler. Scrambler bikes are all the rage now, along with café-racers, keeping customisers and bike manufacturers enthralled.

 The design teams from both companies worked together to craft the details, and even though they identify the bike as a “scrambler”, they had incorporated some elements from café racers, making the Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent stand out from the pack. Contributing to its distinction are plenty of hand-crafted details, including low handlebar with variable section, aluminum rear mirrors mounted on the ends, black full exhaust unit with Termignoni silencer and black engine with brushed cylinder head fins.

The machine is available now at Ducati dealerships for US$12,777. The bike’s full specs can be found over at Christmas is near, and we wouldn’t mind finding one of it in our stockings.

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