Lewis Hamilton Wins French GP, Reclaims Championship Lead

The Formula 1 driver’s championship lead swung back in Lewis Hamilton’s favour after the Briton won the French GP to take his tally to 65 wins overall, from the 75th pole of his career.

It was the first race in the Paul Ricard circuit and Hamilton made full use of his electrifying qualifying lap yesterday to win the first-ever race in Le Castellet since 1990.

“Great work guys! I’m so happy for England as well,” he said over the team radio, referring to the nation’s 6-1 World Cup group win over Panama. “It’s a beautiful Sunday, everyone.”

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Red Bull’s Max Verstappen came in second while Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari completed the podium after passing teammate Sebastian Vettel who came in fifth.

It was a day of errors for Vettel as he made contact with Valtteri Bottas—who finished seventh—at the first corner, damaging his wing and causing a puncture to Bottas, which resulted in a five-second penalty for the Ferrari man.

Niki Lauda, Mercedes Non-Executive Chairman, believed Vettel’s penalty was too lenient. “Five seconds is nothing. He really destroyed the whole race for himself and for Bottas.”

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An incident-free weekend for Verstappen ended with a second place podium finish

Daniel Ricciardo brought his Red Bull in at fourth while Kevin Magnussen of Hass came in sixth. Magnussen now has three top six finishes in 2018. Before the start of the year, he had only ever had two over three full seasons.

Carlos Sainz of Renault came in eighth, having now scored six races in a row—he is the only driver to share this feat with Hamilton and Vettel.

Here are the race highlights:

Sainz’s teammate, Nico Hulkenberg, came in at ninth and Charles Leclerc of Sauber rounded off the points.

It is the fourth time in five races that he has scored points for Sauber. The team now has more points in the constructors’ championship than they had in 2016 and 2017 combined.

As for Hamilton, he’ll be looking to continue his 6-star performance, just like England did at the World Cup. Oh, by the way, did you know that our sponsor X-1R is having a contest in conjuction with football’s biggest prize? Click here for more details http://roadtorussia.x1rasia.com

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