Lego Lightning McQueen vs The Stig

If you are a fan of the Cars franchise, Pixar’s 3D computer-animated comedy movie, as well as Top Gear’s mascot,The Stig, then this is a must watch. Lighting McQueen and his friends, Mater and Cruz Ramirez, are on an expedition to experience all of Europe’s wondrous sights – and they are all in Lego form.


 Disney’s Pixar star heads to the Top Gear track to battle the landlord, The Stig. 

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However, McQueen has set his sight on one goal – racing The Stig at Top Gear’s test track. Who will win? Before you hit the play button, here are some comparisons between The Stig and Lightning McQueen: –

The Stig

  • Never talks.
  • Name derived from the school where creators Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman went to – new boys at the school were called ‘Stig’.
  • Almost called ‘The Gimp’ (after gimp suits…yikes).
  • Sets blistering lap times on TG track.
  • Loves listening to music when shattering lap records.

Lightning McQueen

  • Talks a lot.
  • Named after the late Pixar animator, Glenn McQueen.
  • Animators drew inspiration from boxer Muhammad Ali, NBA star Charles Barkley, quarterback Joe Namath and rap/rock singer Kid Rock to create the cocky but likeable character.
  • Number ‘95’ was given to signify the year of Pixar’s first film, Toy Story.
  • In the movie, he is a 7-time Piston Cup winner (2007-2014).


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