Launch: Motomate Distributes X-1R Products

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Two wheelers no longer have to envy the fours. X-1R is now available for motorbikes!

X-1R Small Engine Formula provides unrivaled friction protection and a minimal of 10% improvement in fuel efficiency. Just one pour (into your engine oil), and you’ll experience increased engine power right away! It keeps your machine running smoother and cooler, while reducing the unavoidable wear and tear.

This 26 October 2013, Motomate, on Jalan Sentul, will officially become an X-1R Distributor of motorbike formulas. Its dealers include L&S Motor Spare Parts, NKS Sport Biker, NKS Trading, Sentul Motor Aksesori, Speed Power Motor Accessories and TW Motor. During the launch this Saturday, the happy occasion is celebrated with a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion and Free Gift* of X-1R Penetrating Spray Lubricant which has a multitude of versatile uses around the workshop or even at home.

X-1R eagerly looks forward to welcoming Motomate to the family!

*T&C applies

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