Lamborghini’s Hypercar makes holographic debut

Of all the cars that made an appearance at the prestigious Pebble Beach event, there was one that was even more prominent from the rest – not because of its beauty or rarity, although it evidently is, but because it took place in a locked room where only a handful of exclusive (read: wealthy) guests were allowed in. And the car wasn’t even there.

Lamborghini teased the few very, very rich people with a hologram of its Hypercar. The actual car won’t be unveiled for another seven months yet, and will make its first corporeal appearance at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Yahoo Autos reports that the car will be even more limited and more expensive than usual for the Italian carmaker – about 20 cars. The Hypercar is rumoured to have a US$1.2 million pricetag, which will make it more expensive than the LaFerrari, Mclaran P1 and Porsche 918.

In recent years, Lamborghini has released many limited models with unique designs and performance specs; for instance, only 12 Veneno’s were built – nine of them were roadsters and three of them were coupes. According to Lamborghini’s Chief Executive, it is the carmaker’s dual strategy for branding and for its engineers to explore building street-legal machines which differ from their workaday designs.

Several other models are in progress, including the Urus SUV slated for launch in 2018, which was first revealed during the 2012 Beijing Auto Show. “We have focused, by necessity, on the super sports cars,” Winkelmann said. “Now the brand is ready for the next step.”

The fully functioning Lamborghini Egoista Concept Car built in conjunction with the marque’s 50th anniversary.


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