Kuala Lumpur’s Suburb Reverts to Good Ol’ Parking Coupons

Automologist ATHERTON likes scratching coupons, but he prefers a more advanced way to pay for parking. 

I really do like scratch-and-win coupons. You know, when you’re having that delicious bowl of curry mee and an elderly chap comes over and holds out a handful of lottery tickets. Yea, that kind. In my younger days, when my dad handed me parking coupons, I was always excited to scratch them and put them up on the dashboard. However, these days I find it a bane. Finding a parking space already tests my patience, and then I have to fumble for the parking coupon.

Beginning in 2018, the Municipal Council of Petaling Jaya (MPPJ) will remove all existing parking meters and replace them with scratch-and-display coupons. What if you reside outside of Petaling Jaya and you find yourself going there for a meeting or catching up with your mates over drinks, and you don’t have a parking coupon? And it is raining. Arrrgh!

However, to prevent nightmare scenarios like the above, coupons will be available at 241 convenience stores appointed as agents. The value of the coupons are 60 cents per hour; a booklet of 10 sheets costs RM6 while the monthly pass is sold at RM100.

Petaling Jaya Mayor, Datuk Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain, said many women had told him that the coupon method was much safer as it did not require them to walk to the parking meter for the ticket, and back to their car, thus exposing them to potential criminals lurking about.

“From January to April 2018, MBPJ will oversee the sale of the coupons. After April, the management of the coupon sales will be outsourced,” he said. Azizi also mentioned that there were 18 proposals from companies interested in implementing payments via mobile apps.

“Both methods offer safety to motorists as it eliminates the need to walk around the parking area searching for a parking meter,” he said.

Having a mobile app for parking payments will definitely be a welcome. However, one might argue that a certain number of folks don’t own smartphones. But then, in this day and age, who doesn’t own a smartphone?

In the near future, none of these would matter as your vehicle intelligently scans for a spot, parks itself and makes the payment automatically. In the meantime, I’d rather have an app than a coupon to pay for parking. And it saves paper too.

Image credit – www.carsifu.my

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