Kid Steals Family Car To Go Buy a Lamborghini…He’s Only Five

Earlier this week, a Utah Highway Patrol stopped a Dodge Journey that they saw swerving on the highway, thinking that the driver might be impaired in some way. Turns out that it was a stolen vehicle, but the thief was but a five-year-old boy who, after his mom refused to buy a Lamborghini supercar for him, decided to steal the family car and go buy it himself.

He was only three miles from home—still far, far away from his destination of California, where he intended to purchase said Lambo—when he was stopped. While he clearly lacked proper driving skill, he still managed to make it all the way into the freeway without getting hurt or hurting anyone.

Upon further questioning, the adorable lawbreaker revealed that he had only 3 dollars in his wallet. Being a few hundred thousand dollars short of what he would have needed to purchase a supercar (as well as lacking a driving license) clearly didn’t stop this determined kid.

The boy’s parents were at work when he decided to set off on his journey. His sister, who was watching him, had fallen asleep. The parents rushed immediately to the scene after being contacted by authorities and insisted that the boy had never driven before.

You might think that this little boy’s dreams were completely dashed that day. But not quite. The news made headlines and the very next day, the owner of a Lamborghini Huracan visited the boy’s family to offer him a ride. The owner, Jeremy Neves, told FOX 13: “I don’t want to condone kids taking cars and getting in trouble or breaking the law but the success principles that he displayed were magnificent to me.”

And apparently a California dealership might be flying the Little Lambo fan to them for a real Lamborghini test drive (in a controlled environment and with a lot of help, we hope).

See, dreams of being behind the wheel of a supercar can come true. So, keep dreaming, folks!

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