JP Morgan Claims Second Win In X-1R Pro Cup Series

From the sixth race of the season which took place last Friday emerges the first two-time winner, a title claimed by 38-year-old JP Morgan. Veteran racer Morgan raced to victory over Reid Wilson and newcomer Brian Keselowski, who took second and third place on the podium. It is also Morgan’s second win at the 4/10-mile track in Hudson, North Carolina.


Early in the race saw a stacked field when an axle on Caleb Holman’s #75 Food Country USA Chevy broke. Several other cars were damaged and Holman was forced to retire from the race. After a complete restart, Keselowski led the field until overtaken by Tyler Lester, who sought to repeat his win from the last race at Myrtle Beach. 80 laps in, though, a rear end issue sent his #25 machine spinning, ending his chances.


After the halfway redraw of the top eight competitors, Wilson took the top spot but was soon usurped by Morgan who surged from fifth place after the redraw. The only real threat after that was Gus Dean during the second half of the 250th lap, until a slip propelled his #56 car into the wall.


Morgan said, ‘We had pressure from Gus Dean early on, and we even made some contact several times racing hard for the lead. But when it got time to start racing for the win I was able to pull away. That’s how good my car was tonight.’


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