Jeremy Clarkson, Bruised and Battered

Doing the rounds on social media is a ‘selfie’ of a blackened and somewhat bloody Jeremy Clarkson, taken just after he “had just survived the most dangerous stunt” he had ever attempted. The ex-Top Gear presenter is currently filming his new show for Amazon Prime with his two buddies, James May and Richard Hammond, somewhere in Jordon.

I survived the day. Just.

There is no information on what the stunt may have been, and of course there could well be an element of self-publicity here, as was pointed out by many of the more sceptical users on Twitter. Big Steve tweeted “Good make up by the team then?” and another by Sarah H “Good job on the face, but your hair is miraculously untouched!” and she does indeed have a point there.

The trio famously split with BBC’s Top Gear after Clarkson was involved in a fracas with a producer over the temperature of the food being served during a location shoot. They have now signed up to produce three twelve-episode series with Amazon Prime, a streaming subscription service that will cost US$120 a year to join, with each of the show being released weekly. There is no confirmed start date but it is widely expected that the show will feature in the autumn line-up for Amazon. As for the name, it still seems that Gear Knobs is the most likely. Read also: Gear Knobs is the new Top Gear.

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