Japan’s Drive-Thru Haunted House Scares You Safely

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Image source: m.diadona.id

With social distancing being practised worldwide, many tourist and leisure destinations have had to remain closed, even as restrictions are slowly being lifted in some places. In Japan, where the COVID-19 state of emergency has ended, people are still abiding by the three-C guideline: avoiding closed spaces, crowded spaces and close-contact settings.

That does not augur well for those in the business of haunted houses like Kenta Iwana is, who has lost 80% of his business since the pandemic started. But Kenta has found a way to keep scaring people, by introducing the novel concept of a drive-thru haunted house! You will also be given a tape to play in your car as you enter the haunted house, which is actually a huge garage that is, according to the narrative, cursed.

And honk your horn three times, if you dare, and something really bad will happen…

Not only does this new way of scaring and being scared avoids all the three Cs, but the experience is even more frightening, according to Kenta, because you are confined to the car, not able to run away from the ghosts and ghouls when they suddenly appear by the window, in the side and rearview mirrors and leave bloody prints on the glass.

The entrance fee for each car is 8,000 yen (approximately RM320) if you use your own car, after which they will wash the blood and gore from your car, or 9,000 yen (approximately RM360) if you use theirs. Apparently, it is many people’s idea of fun as tickets for early dates have all sold out.

Would you love to visit this drive-thru haunted house? You can count this writer out…

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