James Bond Gets a New Aston Martin

There is a new James Bond film in the making, the 25th in the history of the franchise. The press has been awash with news of turmoil on the film set: Danny Boyle being replaced by a new Director, who turned up late due to excessive gaming; the crew almost going on strike; and Daniel Craig tearing a ligament in his ankle whilst filming in Jamaica, not to mention what the title of the film is going to be.

Sorry, all of that is boring. What we are interested in is: What is James Bond going to be driving?!

So, let us get down to the really serious bit of news: James Bond’s new Aston Martin. And phew-wee what a beauty it is. It is called Valhalla…Aston Martin Valhalla, that is.

This is no one-off for the movie either. The Valhalla is the moniker given to the latest offering from the new Gaydon HQ in Warwickshire and is supposed to be a GBP1.5 million, 360kph+ hybrid hypercar, which is, of course, a bit of a mouthful. Perhaps they should have stuck with “licensed to thrill” or the very less appealing official codename of AM-RB 003.

Pigs can fly and James Bond goes Electric.

Have a martini whilst charging?


The Valhalla gets its name from the Viking’s Warriors Paradise or, to be more precise, Hall of the Fallen, a place reserved for those that had been brave in battle and is located in Asgard, one of the Nine Realms in Viking mythology. No, it wasn’t invented by Stan Lee and Marvel.

The name is fitting when you consider the high body count of the average Bond Movie. However, there is a tradition within Aston Martin of naming its fastest offerings with words that begin with a ‘V’, such as Vanquish and Vantage and Vulcan.

This will be one of three Astons in the new movie, with the first two set to feature all of the gadgets and guns of the previous movies.

The original DB5 featured all that time ago in Gold Finger—well, at least one of the four that were made for that movie—is set to go under the auctioneer’s hammer later this year. But if you want one, Aston is said to be creating a selection of new DB5s to be sold at GBP300,007.

The baddies in the James Bond 25 are said to be driving the new Land Rover Defender, which will not be officially unveiled until the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

But back to the Valhalla that was developed with help from Red Bull advanced technology, you know, those folks who also race F1 cars and also where the AM-RB 003 initials are derived. Just 500 examples are planned for production and will feature a 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine, which when coupled with the hybrid power train will put out 1000bhp. So we can expect a 0-100kph in under three seconds, which is enough to rip the skin off your face.

Perhaps what is most significant is that the V6 engine will mark the company’s return to an in-house designed and built engine. NASA has had a look in with the design of the car as well, with the rear wing being flight tested by them and, for a change, helping to keep something on the ground.

Want it!

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