Mr. Peter Chan with his Jaguar XJS

When a classic luxury car like the Jaguar XJS cruises down the roads in Malaysia, heads are bound to turn. The Jaguar XJS, produced from the 1970s to the 1990s, is undeniably unique and elegant. But this one has a little X-1R magic in it.

It’s no wonder it has its own fan base, including Mr. Peter Chan, who has a strong passion for classic cars, a passion that’s becoming rarer on Malaysian roads.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for classic cars, especially the Jaguar XJS. This is actually the second XJS I’ve owned, having bought it for the second time in 2017.”

Perhaps fuelled by the excitement of driving and owning a classic car, Mr. Peter Chan has spared no Malaysian ringgit in gradually restoring this car. This includes repainting and refurbishing the interior, such as the seats and other components. No wonder the car looks absolutely stunning and almost brand new! The results are truly remarkable!

According to Mr. Peter Chan, despite the significant amount spent on restoration and maintenance costs, he’s still very satisfied. Moreover, after joining the Practical Classic Drivers club, he now shares his passion with fellow classic car enthusiasts. Additionally, he didn’t miss the chance to participate in the ‘Cross Peninsular 2.0: We For She’ program organized in November 2023.

There, amidst a plethora of classic car care tips shared among fellow enthusiasts, Mr. Peter Chan found himself smitten with X-1R products, especially the X-1R Petrol Decarboniser. According to him, after using the X-1R Petrol Decarboniser during the Cross Peninsular 2.0 program, he noticed a significant improvement in the performance of his Jaguar XJS.

He mentioned that previously, his car felt a bit rough, with vibrations and noises, but all of that gradually disappeared after using the X-1R Petrol Decarboniser. And it’s not just Mr. Peter Chan who acknowledged the performance boost in his classic car; his fellow enthusiasts also noticed similar improvements after using the product.


So, what’s the deal with X-1R Petrol Decarboniser? Well, for starters, it’s scientifically formulated to restore your vehicle’s fuel delivery system, making your overall vehicle performance akin to a brand-new ride! No wonder classic cars like the Jaguar XJS feel rejuvenated. Plus, the X-1R Petrol Decarboniser offers other benefits too, such as:

  • Removing carbon deposits
  • Cleaning fuel injectors
  • Lubricating the upper cylinder head
  • Smoothing out the entire fuel delivery system
  • Eliminating moisture from the tank
  • Reducing fuel consumption

Smoother accelerationSounds enticing, right ? So, what are you waiting for ? Get yours now at and give your classic car the treatment it deserves!

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