Jaguar Land Rover’s Artificial Intelligence Knows You Better Than You Do

We can expect that one day, we will step into a car without a steering wheel and be whisked away to our destination automatically. But it seems that carmakers are trying to make the experience even more effortless if that is possible.

Jaguar Land Rover revealed that it is developing an artificial intelligence system that is able to, using a camera and biometric sensors, read the driver and even passengers’ facial expressions and determine if you are bored, tired or cold.

The technology will then change the in-cabin setting to help keep you alert or make you comfortable. If the driver appears to be bored or tired, it will put on your favourite playlist or podcast and if the passenger is sleepy, it will dim the light and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Other automakers are working on facial recognition technology of their own, particularly to enhance their cars’ safety system. Subaru uses it to sense if the driver is distracted or tired, and activates the safety features, such as the pre-collision, lane-departure and lane-keep assist systems; it also recognises up to five drivers for each car and adjusts the seat, climate and infotainment.

In a similar vein, JLR expects its tech to be able to learn the driver’s preferences and respond accordingly.


We expect one day that moving from one point to the other will look something like this:

When that day comes, the word “driving” will only exist in history books.

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