It’s Official. The VW Type 2 bus is Coming Back…but it is Electric

Automologist MAC welcomes the return of a vehicle from his teenage years…

Finally, after months (or was that years) of uncertainty, VW made the official announcement over the weekend that the VW Type 2 Microbus, much loved by hippies, surfers and TV Chefs alike, and also the vehicle that this writer learnt to drive in, will be re-launched.

The announcement was made during the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegence, as an apparent homage to the importance the original vehicle was to the hippy surf scene back in the 60’s and 70’s. Dr Diess, who made the announcement, said “The Microbus has long been a part of the Californian Lifestyle. Now we are bringing it back and re-inventing it as an electric vehicle”.

Even though there are few details about the vehicle—and that is not surprising as the launch is not scheduled for another five years—the concept car did have a 111kWh battery pack with a claimed 369hp and a recharge to 80% in thirty minutes. Range is again claimed at 270 miles, which is pretty good, but I presume that was measured whilst the vehicle was relatively lightly loaded.

Of course I am a bit disappointed that there will not be a gas-swigging version but of course this may all change by the time late 2022 comes, when the four-door van is expected in showrooms. Apparently the target market is for North America, China and Europe. So, if you live in Australia, you’re out of luck. But then again, I seriously doubt that 270 miles range would be sufficient for the Aussie market.

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