Is This the Best Car Wrap For Hot Weather? This Woman “Stinks” So

Summers in India can reach a sweltering 40°C and we know how the car turns into an oven when it has been parked outdoors in this kind of heat. It takes a second for the car to cool down, even after turning on the air-conditioning, so how can you reduce your car’s heat gain in the first place?

A woman in Ahmedabad, a city in western India, thought of an ingenious way to keep her car cool, by wrapping her car in a special material—it’s free, environmentally friendly and available in copious amounts.

The Toyota Corolla in question is owned by a Mrs. Sejal Shah, who is gaining viral fame with her D.I.Y. car wrap made from a suspicious brown material. Yes, you guessed it: DUNG.

Cow dung, to be precise.

Dung has long been used in India and other parts of the world as building material—when plastered on walls and ceilings, it is the ideal thermal insulator, keeping the home cool in hot weather and warm when cold.

These dung homes in Turkey are a protected historical site. Source:

Oh, dung is also a mosquito-repellent, apparently, so you can also throw away your insect spray. Extra points for containing no harmful chemical.

A professional car wrap can cost RM2,000 (US$480) onwards. Cow dung is, as mentioned, free. If you can get over it having been processed by a cow’s alimentary canal (it’s really just grass, if you think about it) and you don’t mind the “poop-y” shade of brown, it’s brilliant.

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