Is Tesla’s Pepsi Challenge About to Fizzle Out?

Automologist MAC wonders when they will have EV trucks to tow broken down EV trucks?

Barely a month after the Pepsi Cola Company started testing the Tesla EV truck, a sad-looking “SEMI”, as they are called, was seen limping back to base behind a tow truck. Much was made about Pepsi’s early adoption of the SEMI and it certainly put a bit of fizz into the launch of the truck, literally and figuratively. The first units were delivered beginning of December 2022 and 36 have already been deployed, but with such an early failure, questions will be asked by all Electric-Sceptics like me on just how well the test is going.

As of now there is no news as to the cause of the breakdown and for all I know, the need for a tow may have nothing to do with the drivetrain, but that seems a little unlikely. What we do know is that it is not a great look for the amazing Mr Musk who has been publicly enthusing about the launch of his SEMI and the hype around Pepsi adopting the vehicle to add to its delivery fleet.

The pictures of Elon’s SEMI looking rather flaccid as it is being towed by an ICE-powered vehicle are not great publicity and really do not showcase the supposed impressive ability of said vehicle. Of course, it really is not fair to jump to any conclusion and I am sure that in the near future, an explanation will surface as to why it could not function as planned. But for now, this Electric-Sceptic is having a bit of fun with it all and of course asking, “Has Elon’s Pepsi challenge run out of fizz?

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