Introducing the World’s First COLOURING CAR

Going on a long car journey with a bunch of rugrats is enough to drive even the most placid of parent to the very edge of insanity. Don’t be fooled with the ability to give your little cherubs various electronic devices – these only have limited effect and can induce car sickness, and the ensuing projectile vomiting will have you rueing your decision to procreate; that is if the constant cries of “are we there yet?” don’t get you first.

So, with that in mind, the clever folks over at Hertz Rent-A-Car set themselves the task of creating the ideal interior for keeping your little darlings occupied, whilst you concentrate on the road. The result is a car with seats doors and roof completely upholstered in colouring book prints. The guys over at Hertz simply took popular colouring book pages featuring houses, planes, animals, flowers and of course cars to create a massive children’s entertainment system.

As for now it is just a prototype, and no decision has been made to roll it out. The more observant of you may also notice that the kids in the video below are not restrained by seatbelts, etc. nor is the car moving, so this is probably more of a marketing gimmick than something that we will see in real life, but what the heck, we like it over here.

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