Introducing the Porsche 357. Hellloooooo, Baby!

Even if they made this into an EV, Automologist MAC wants one!

Happy Birthday, Porsche! The year 2023 is a massive year for Porsche. It has been 60 years since the first 911 but more importantly, it is the 75th anniversary of the first ever car to wear the Porsche badge—the 356. So, the 357 is, in a way, Porsche’s birthday present to its self.

Designed as a homage to the very first Porsche and attempting to be what the 356 may be in styling and performance today.

Sometimes homages can feel a little fake or forced, celebrating an event that only a few remember in exchange for a cash grab and for the select customer who seems to be intent on owning a museum piece. However, the 357, which was unveiled at a Volkswagen event in Berlin, looks for all intents and purposes a worthy addition to the 75th birthday celebrations. I must admit, there is a big piece of me that truly hopes this beastie will go into production.

Where the story started…

Somewhat surprisingly, this is a concept car and there is no current plan to put it into production. And it is not electric.

Underpinning the really sexy coachwork is a 718 Cayman GT4 RS with the 4-litre flat-six capable of producing 493 bhp. The 356 was rear-engined but the 357 is envisaged to be mid-engined and running on the carbon neutral fuel that Porsche has been developing for a while now. Well, I assume that is why there is the Carbon Neutral logo on the filler cap.

Like the headlights, the taillights are small slits in the body work under which, I assume, are some very powerful LED bulbs—very sleek.

Despite sitting on one of the best chassis there is to offer, the 357 maintains the squat stance and fat rear-end like the original. The bodywork is smoother as we can now do what was impossible back in 1948, and things like headlights and door handles are almost impossible to see.

The designers perhaps knew that there is little chance of a car powered by a fossil-fuelled engine being accepted for production and if you look at the side seals, which are manufactured from natural fibre reinforced plastic, there are little T-Rex cartoons because they are in 2023 creating a dinosaur. I don’t care—I want it to come into production even as an EV.

However, if you want an Iconic 356 Speedster but with all the comfort of modern underpinnings, there is already an American company called Starke. These guys put a classic body on top of a Boxster Chassis. Enjoy:

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