Indonesia’s Wika to build 50,000 of the Country’s First Electric Motorcycles This Year

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State-owned construction company PT Wijaya Karya, or Wika, plans to produce 50,000 electric motorcycles, a first for Indonesia. Through its subsidiary company, PT Gesits Technologies Indo (GTI), Wika will start production at its assembly factory in Cileungsi, Bogor, West Java.

Wika president director, Tumiyana, said, “We will gradually increase our capacity to 100,000 motorcycles annually.”

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The Gesits electric motorcycle uses 89% local components while 11% are imported. It is an automatic scooter designed with a 5-kilowatt electric motor that can run for 80 to 100 kilometres on one charge. The manufacturer claims that charging time is between 1.5 and three hours.

“For the time being, we focus to meet the need of companies and individuals, who have made orders to our products. We will expand our factory so that we can fulfill more demand from the people,” said GTI CEO, Harun Sjech.

In 2016, Gesits passed a 1,200 km test from Jakarta to Bali and a number of revisions was made in 2017.

We know President Jokowi is a fan of motorcycles and according to Research, Technology and Higher Education Minister, Mohamad Nasir, the State Palace has already ordered 50 motorcycles.

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