In Pictures: MINIscape 2017 takes MINIacs on a Nature Adventure

The MINIscape that took place two weekends ago was as much about bringing the community closer as it was about living a life of adventure. Owning a MINI sets you apart from the rest.

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The MINIscape 2017 was themed ‘Adventurous by Nature’. After a hearty breakfast, meeting friends, taking obligatory selfies and the briefing, the MINIacs took off towards their first pit stop at the Gopeng R&R before heading to the Tasek Raban R&R.

It was a pleasant scenic ride with everyone staying in line till the convoy reached Belum Rainforest Resort. Of course, along the way there were fellow MINIacs who were itching to gun the throttle, but it was all done in good fun without causing any hair-raising incidents.

After checking in, a sumptuous lunch was served at the Hornbill restaurant. MINIacs are always on the go and after the meal, there was no siesta as MINI Malaysia had group activities planned. Here, the gang split into two—one went for the River Island Cruise while another chose the Forest Walk.

After the midday activity, there was a rooftop BBQ dinner waiting for the MINI enthusiasts. And while they were filling their tummy, singer Atilia Haron belted out a few numbers, much to the delight of the guests.


A lady of many talents, Atilia conducted a yoga session early the next morning. After breakfast, more group activities, and some free-and-easy time, there was of course the group photo session to capture lasting memories for all who attended the MINIscape 2017. The outcome…

More pics to enjoy…






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