If Your Car is a Manual, Thieves Likely Won’t Steal It – Cause They Don’t Know How To Drive It

You might prefer driving with an automatic transmission, with its ease of driving, especially on traffic-congested streets. That is your choice. No issue. In fact, more automatic transmissions are sold worldwide compared to manual transmissions.

But as automakers move towards offering just automatic transmission in their cars, the hardcore manual enthusiast might have a reason to rejoice. The reason: Your car can’t get stolen. Well, not 100% but more often than not, this generation of thieves don’t actually know how to work a manual gear shift.

There are scores of stories on the web which tells of car thieves getting themselves in a fix. Take, for example, the guy who wanted to whisk away a 2012 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport only to find himself thwarted by its shift stick.

Then there’s the case of a couple of teenagers who held an elderly woman at gunpoint and demanded her keys. She immediately dropped them and the criminals attempted a getaway before discovering that her Kia was a manual.

But some cases are really heart-breaking, such as this one when a man was murdered in front of his 10-year old daughter and wife simply because two *bleep!* could not work the manual car.

As fewer drivers know how to drive a stick, it appears to be a form of theft-prevention, adding yet another point to the Joys of Driving a Stick Shift.

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