If You Have Neglected Your Car Maintenance, It’s Not Too Late. Read This…

We have often written about the importance of taking care of your vehicle, especially if you want to keep your car for longer and have it run smoothly. And we have also written about the benefits that our sponsor X-1R’s products can offer, products that have been tested and proven by independent labs and by a company that supplies to NASA! Surely if their product is good enough to transport rockets, they can formulate products for our tiny two-tonne vehicles.

Which brings us to a story that made its way from Australia to our shores and onto our desks. Mr Terry Russ, owner of one 2003 Subaru Outback H6 3L automatic was introduced to X-1R by a distributor in Melbourne. Terry, who has owned the Outback for about 12 years admitted that the car — which had over 270,000 kilometres clocked on the odometer, half of them in town and half on the highway — had not been looked after.

Not the actual vehicle. Image source: justcars.com.au


“The oil and filter have probably been changed 3 times (had to use a piece of pipe on the sump plug spanner to crack it),” Terry wrote in an email to the distributor. “Engine warning light has been on for about 5 years.”

Now, you would think that the Outback’s engine would be a total goner sooner rather than later, but Terry decided to treat his Outback to a series of X-1R products, like a total detox and rejuvenation programme, in a manner of speaking.

He started with the X-1R Engine Flush, which contains controlled-released detergents to dissolve sludge, gum, varnish, grit and other deposits that, even with regular maintenance, slowly build up inside the engine. Usually, you need only pour it into your crankcase and let the engine run for 15 minutes before draining it, but just to be sure, after Terry added the Engine Flush to his engine…

“(The car) was driven over four days, a total of 160 kilometres. I then drained the sump, changed the filter, refilled it with synthetic oil and added X-1R Engine Treatment, added the Fuel System Cleaner, fired it up and went driving.”

The X-1R Engine Treatment is formulated to reduce friction and operating temperature, thus optimising engine performance, whereas the Fuel System Cleaner cleans the entire fuel delivery system and combustion chamber for an overall more efficient combustion process. The effects are usually quite immediate.

“After 10 to 12 kilometres, a smoother effect had begun to be felt,” Terry wrote “A couple of days later, I dropped the gearbox oil (4 litres), replaced it (Dex 111) and added the X-1R Automatic Transmission Treatment, found and changed the external transmission filter Z709 (that even Subaru assured me did not exist).”

The X-1R Automatic Transmission Treatment works by reducing the transmission’s operating temperatures, resulting in smoother shifting, and longer transmission fluid and gearbox life.

“The effect on the gearbox in all areas was instant, much smoother, no jerky changes and quiet.”

So, how did Terry find his Outback’s overall performance after it had been given the total car treatment it needed?

“Over the 200 kilometres since all this, it has only gotten better. My son, who is the normal driver (owns the Porsche 944), is seriously impressed. My son has done research on desulfators and, as a Chemical Engineer, is impressed by the several studies that he has researched. I am more than happy to recommend the X-1R products for everyday use and will be doing the other vehicles shortly.”

So, if you have been neglecting your vehicle, know that it’s not too late! Head on to www.x1rasia.com and get a range of (very affordable!) X-1R treatment products to turn back the clock on your car.

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