I Want Triumph!

Guest writer, MAC, has fallen madly in love at first sight…

There is an old saying that talks about a picture being able to paint a thousand words. I never really understood it; it sounded like some lame justification by an art teacher to get me to look at something in which I wasn’t interested…until I saw this!

I don’t want to know anything else about it. I don’t even care if the thing doesn’t start or only drives at five miles an hour. I want it and that is enough said!

Editor’s note: The rest of us at Automology did want to know more about it. It was created by the Spirit of the Seventies, which builds bespoke bikes or redesign existing ones. This particular one that has bewitched our writer is a redesigned Triumph Scrambler for Barbour International clothing brand. Well, someone had to make sure that MAC did not enter into a relationship without at least knowing her origins, and this ‘gal’ is already taken! Now, which one of us will have to break the news to him…

image: spiritoftheseventies.tumblr.com

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