Hyundai in Talks to Build Apple iCar

Okay, okay, it is called Apple’s Project Titan and not the iCar, and it has been rumoured and talked about since 2014 when the tech giant announced that they had designs – or was that delusions – to enter the automotive world with their very own autonomous car.

Now, news is circulating around South Korea that Hyundai is in talks to start manufacturing, with a planned launch in 2024, according to Reuters, with beta testing as early as next year. The news was so well received in some quarters that Hyundai shares shot up 20% and caused a small dip in Tesla shares.

Hyundai, though, downplayed their role in the future of the project when they stated that “we understand that Apple is in discussions with a variety of global automakers, including Hyundai. The discussions are at a very early stage and as of yet nothing has been decided.”

Rumours have abound of late and Reuters has also reported that a number of former Tesla executives have joined the fold. Heck, even Apple company veteran, Doug Field, has been brought in to head up the project after a stint working over at Tesla.

Now, where have I seen this before? Hmmmmm…

It is believed that the iCar – sorry, Titan – will be built in the US of A to start with at least and possibly at the Hyundai facility at Georgia, and will be an all-electric autonomous or at least mostly autonomous vehicle.

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