Ten COP CARS you can’t outrun!

To catch a fast car, you’ll need a faster car. Automologist, MAC, compiles his top ten list of coveted supercars that are helping law enforcers across the world chase down the baddies.

In most of Asia, we are not particularly used to well or over-equipped police forces strutting their stuff with the latest toys, gadgets and gizmo’s or having the latest, biggest, baddest technology available. It is all too common to see our local plods travelling around in a trashed-out Proton Wira or Toyota Vio’s. Never do we see the likes of a Dodge Charger or Ford Mustang, as we have become familiar with in American-made cop shows, as the actors pretend to protect and swerve

With standard car performance steadily climbing, it makes sense that the local constabularies around the world would want to be capable of running with the pack and thus equipping themselves with the very supercars that they will have to keep in order. In certain countries in the Arabian Gulf, this has led to some pretty extreme cars being painted in the colours of the local constabulary; however, they are not alone and there are some wonderful examples of police departments stacking their arsenals to combat the scourge of the supercar louts.

Here are some of my fav-raves:-

10. Jaguar XF (UK) – 0-100kph: 5.9 seconds; 250kph (limited)

I grew up in the sixties in the UK when every deserving Police would strut his stuff in the Jaguar MKII and where every cop show on TV would feature a chase, in which often both the good guys and the baddies tore around a town in similar Jag’s. Of late, many of the UK forces have been using the Lexus IS-F, which on paper is a better car, but it sure is good to see the boys in blue back in a British-built car; although, for now, it isn’t quite the instant classic that the old Mk II Jag was.


9. Aerial Atom (UK) – 0-100kph: 2.5 seconds; 270kph

In some ways, this is the most radical car on the list. Originally designed as a track day car but also fully street legal, you will not find any creature comforts in this beastie. At present, there is only the one in existence and that is in the West Country of the UK; so if you are down that way, watch out for it


8. Spyker C8 (Holland) – 0-100kph: 4.5 seconds; 300kph

The Dutch Police have got their hands on the Spyker C8, perhaps one of the most unique cars in the world and capable of hitting 300kph. Speeders all over Holland now have cause for concern. Of course, the Spyker is a home-grown car manufacturer and so it is fitting that the Dutch Police use one of their own rather impressive supercars to chase down the bad boys.


7. Audi R8 GTR (Germany) – 0-100kph: 3.2 seconds; 325kph

From the land of the speed limit-less autobahn’s comes the German supercop car in the guise of the Audi R8 GTR, a monster capable of hitting 100kph in just 3.2 seconds and then topping out at 325 kph. The GTR pictured above is not standard though; German speed house ABT Sportlines actually retuned the engine so that it has a monster 620 horses living in the 5.2-litre V10 engine, which is about 100hp more than standard. To date, though, the car has only been used for show and has yet to go on patrol. What a waste!


6. Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 (Italy) – 0-100 kph: 3.7 seconds; 333kph

We have previously featured this insane police car after it was donated by Lamborghini to the Italian Police to patrol the highways. Using a very familiar 5.6-litre V10 putting out 560hp, it is perfectly capable of keeping up with just about anything out there. More recently, the Italian Police have also taken delivery of the brand new Lamborghini Huracan.


5. Ferrari FF (UAE) – 0-100kph: 3.7 seconds; 335kph

I think it is safe to say that if you are in Dubai, you should most definitely not mess with the local gendarmes. The Ferrari FF was produced specifically for the boys in green and beige that try to keep one of the world’s most affluent countries law abiding. This car is one of a number of supercars driven by Dubai’s finest, but the only one that is driven exclusively by the ladies.


4. Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 (UAE) – 0-100 kph: 2.9 seconds; 350 kph

If the female officers in the Ferrari FF couldn’t catch you, then this one will! With the looks of a fighter jet, this modern velociraptor is capable of pulling you over at 350kph. So if you are in Dubai, remember you will probably need to be in an F1 car to outrun the local police force. What is scary though is that this is not the fastest car that the Dubai Police can call upon.


3. Aston Martin One-77 (UAE) – 0-100kph: 3.5 seconds; 354 kph

The Dubai Police are on the list again (and not for the last time) after they picked one of the world’s rarest cars to patrol the streets of their nation. Only 77 of these beasties were built, hence the number in the name. It is equipped with a 7.3-litre V12 that tops out at some 355 kph and could probably launch you into space if you so desired. Pictured behind the Aston is a Mercedes SL – sorry, it is a bit too mundane to make the list…


2. Brabus Rocket (Germany) – 0-100kph: 3.2 seconds; 362 kph

More insanity, but this time in a bit of an ordinary package. The Mercedes Brabus CLS may be one of the more ordinary cars on this list but it packs a punch speeding up to 362kph, powered by a 6.3-litre V12. But this car will never be seen stopping errant motorists; instead, it was built by the German Transportation Ministry to inspire people to modify their cars responsibly and drive safely. I don’t get it myself.


1. Bugatti Veyron (UAE) – 0-100kph: 2.5 seconds; 431 kph

The last bit of insanity from the boys in green and beige from Dubai which sees the incredible Bugatti Veyron decked out as a street-patrolling mean machine. Apparently, the Police in the kingdom require the world’s second fastest car to be able to chase down miscreants in their territory. Capable of eye-watering speeds of up to 431kph, there is but one car in the world that it cannot catch and that is the Hennessey Venom GT, but I am guessing that it will be on the Sheikh’s shopping list soon.

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