How to Pronounce Porsche!

Our resident Brit, Automologist MAC, schools us on how to properly pronounce this posh name, and more.

Americans like to pronounce things a little differently; words such as ‘aluminium’ becomes ‘alumi-num’; ‘coupé’ becomes ‘coop’ and of course ‘tomato’ becomes ‘toe-may-toe’. Porsche is obviously fed-up with the way that English speakers across the pond massacre its name and has taken to uploading a short video on Youtube, obviously designed to change the ‘Porsch’ into a ‘Por-shuh’;

When it comes to car names though, it is not just the septic’s across the pond who seem to have an issue. Us Brits also seem to be completely indifferent to the subtleties of getting the name right as well. Watch the video below to see how the Brits get it so wrong so often……


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