How Many Donuts Can An Olympic Gold Medalist Do In A Caterham?

The Master and his Machine.

Six-time Olympic gold medalist, Sir Chris Hoy, has replaced handlebars with a steering wheel, and has added another golden feather in his cap. In this record-breaking feat, the former track cyclist broke the record while ‘donut-ing’ in a Caterham. It was in the automaker’s most powerful model ever—the 620R—at Donington Park.

He is accustomed to breaking records on two wheels and now he has a four-wheel record to add to his glossy CV. To mark 60 years of the Caterham Seven, Sir Chris was tasked by the team to do as many spins as possible within 60 seconds, and the super-fast Scot managed to do 19 spins in the allotted time.

Full concentration.

“Everyone knows I spend a lot of time in cars these days but I’ve never had much practice donuting. But when someone tells me there’s a record up for grabs that certainly focuses my mind. During the attempt I just kept going, putting everything I’d learnt into practice,” he said.

The supercharged 2.0-litre engine and limited slip-diff on board the open two-seater racer helped Sir Chris get into a spin. Avon ZZS tyres made sure the rubber didn’t overheat and shred before the challenge was over.

“You lose sense of time when you’re in a spin, so I was shocked when I was told I’d completed 19 in 60 seconds—it was more than I expected,” he added

Ever since purchasing his first ever track car back in 2008, a Caterham Superlight R400, Sir Chris has been addicted to the British brand’s sportscars but never thought he’d actually get a chance to do something extraordinary.

But here he is, and with a new record to boot. Well done, Sir

A happy chap after breaking the record.


Image credit – SWNS : South West News Service 

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