Hong Kongers Pay For “Bus Sleeping Tour” to Catch Some Shuteye

Hong Kongers are known to be some of the hardest workers, living in one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Add to that the lockdowns and stresses of the pandemic, it’s not surprising that restful sleep is a luxury many of them cannot enjoy.

So, for HK$129 (approx. RM70) onwards, they can now ride on Hong Kong’s first “sleeping bus”. For many, the rocking motion and humming of the engine create a perfect ambience for peaceful slumber. The Sleeping Tour, organised by Ulu Travel, starts with a “food coma” meal at a selected restaurant; then everyone climbs onto the “zero-decibel sleeping cabin” in the upper or lower deck of the bus, inserts earplugs, put on their face masks and begin a glorious 5-hour sleep.

The tour agency spokesperson also said that the tour caters to those who wanted to see the sights of Hong Kong – in other words, go on a Kong-cation – amidst the country’s strict travel restrictions. And for that, the Sleeping Bus has a VIP Panorama Cabin on the upper deck that affords great views

The bus will cover 83 kilometres, one of the longest routes in the city and designed to encounter minimal traffic lights, so the passengers’ sleep will not be interrupted by the start-stop motion of the bus. There are several toilet breaks and photo-worthy scenic stops along the way.

Speaking on behalf of those who suffer from insomnia or insufficient sleep, this writer would say that having a good “ride’s” sleep is definitely worth spending money on.

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