Here’s How You Give the Bugatti Veyron an Oil Change. Make Sure You Have Enough Dough

The Bugatti Veyron is a masterpiece and for a car which is the zenith of engineering creativity, an oil change is definitely not a straightforward process.

Houston Crosta is the owner of Royalty Exotic Cars in Las Vegas, who began his business in 2015 renting scooters. The 29-year-old would walk along the road for eight hours a day with a sign on his back, handing out flyers to anyone who’d care to take one. His company is now the highest rated exotic car rental experience in Las Vegas on Trip Advisor.

Commitment to customer service sets him apart and Royalty now has amassed a fleet of over 36 ultra-exotic cars, eight motorcycles and 30 Polaris Slingshots.

In this video, you will see him and his technicians getting ready to fix a hydraulic leak in his car’s spoiler. For starters, you can’t lift this car as you normally would: the car needs to be put on a jack, raised and then lifted so the underbody panelling can be removed.

And that’s just the beginning as the rear wheels have to be taken off too. (Whaaaaaat??) Yup.

Next up, the carbon fibre wheel housings are removed to get to bolts which are hidden behind the bodywork.

After those are removed, an assortment of other components has to come off, including the rear spoiler and carbon fibre engine cover. The latter is one massive component that also includes part of the rear fascia.

With the engine now fully exposed, the team replaces the air filters and then moves on to draining the oil. Get this: the Veyron has SIXTEEN drain plugs! SIXTEEN.

If the car is taken to authorised dealerships, the cost for the whole service is US$27,000 and it takes 27 hours! You see, with such exotic cars, everything has to be done with utmost care. A scratch on the paint job could cost you an arm and a leg. Or more.

PS: You can rent a Bugatti from Royalty for US$20,000 a day!

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