Here comes the charging Ryno


Okay, it may not be the fastest Ryno that you have heard of, with a max speed of just 16kph, but it probably is the coolest Ryno that we’ll ever write about. We are of course talking about Chris Hoffman’s self-balancing uni-bike that will be manufactured by his all new start-up company called Ryno Motors.

The Ryno’s one-wheeled personal mobility device has caused an internet sensation, even with a hefty price tag of US$5250. Global distribution and manufacturing on several continents is planned. Legend would have us believe that the whole thing started just six years ago when Hoffman’s 13-year-old daughter said to him: “Daddy, I’ve been thinking about this one-wheeled motorcycle I saw in a video game. Could you actually build something like that?”

You could say the rest is history. And in a way it was, with Hoffman building a number of prototypes over the next few years resulting in the ready-for-market version that is due for delivery any time now.


Hoffman said in a recent interview: “I was surprised at first because I’d go into a presentation and I would start talking about the product and how awesome it is and all the technical part and they’d say, ‘we don’t care about that, we get it, we get the one-wheeled thing and you’re an engineer and we believe you can build it. Now tell us how we’re going to make money?’”

Well, we get it too, Chris. Now ship a few over here so we can play as well, please.

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