Has Your CVT Car Started to Shudder? Try This Before You Send It To The Scrapyard

Recent JASO test results are more than promising.

The Continuously Variable Transmission on paper sounds like a great idea. It’s like a magic transmission that gives you the exact gear ratio you need at any speed. But the excitement of owning a CVT is soon replaced by exasperation as owners of CVT cars begin to experience all sorts of problems, as you might have if you are reading this article.

But first, a quick CVT 101 class. The conventional transmission can be likened to the gears of a bicycle, with distinct level changes. The CVT, however, holds a belt between two pulleys that change width to create linear increase/decrease in “power”. Here’s the best video we’ve found so far on the Net to illustrate this:


So, with this brilliant technology that promises better efficiency comes a new set of problems that have sent automakers scrambling to resolve them. The belt that is constantly changing position, of course, undergoes faster wear and tear. The weights that control the pulleys become dirty and worn, causing the car to shudder—far from the smooth ride that you expected from a CVT. No matter how well you care for the CVT, the belt breaks and the bearings become out of shape, and a very expensive and extensive repair ensues.


So, if your CVT vehicle has already started to shudder (or slip or whine or smell or leak), don’t give up on it yet. Here’s something you should try first. Our sponsor, X-1R—that clever problem-solving company that also helped NASA with their rocket transporter’s lubricant—came up with a solution.

The X-1R CVT Treatment improves anti-wear and anti-shudder performance. It also extends fluid life and reconditions seals to reduce the risk of leakage. All these, in turn, improve driving performance, extend transmission life and reduce maintenance costs. The product has already been in the market for 3 years and has been, not surprisingly, doing very well.

To back its success in the market with more lab testing, X-1R recently sent the CVT Treatment to the Japan Automotive Standards Organisation (JASO) to be subjected to the M349 test, which is regarded as industry standard to gauge the anti-shudder ability of a fluid in a CVT.

The “before” fluid used was the Toyota CVT fluid and the “after” was the Toyota CVT fluid added with the X-1R CVT Treatment. The results were quite impressive: the X-1R formula improved the anti-shudder performance and service life by 30% at lower temperatures/slide speeds and by a massive 50% at higher temperatures/slide speeds.


So, before you decide to scrap your car or trade it in for a lower value, give the X-1R CVT Treatment a try. Actually, you should start using it before any problem crops up—it costs relatively so very little and is easy to use too.

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