McKinsey Study Finds Half of EV Owners in US Want To Switch Back to ICE


According to a study by McKinsey & Co.’s 2024 Mobility Consumer Pulse, they found that 46% of EV owners in the United States want to revert back to petrol due to inadequate charging infrastructure.

The global average is 29%, while the number of people globally who feel that charging infrastructure is inadequate sits at 35%.

Other reasons given by owners for switching back to petrol include the inability to charge at home (24 percent), concerns about charging (21 percent), and the need for charging mobility (16 percent).’

Interestingly only 9% globally consider the charging infrastructure to be sufficient.

First on the list of countries with people who are done with their EVs is actually Australia. At 49% their EV owners are the most likely to switch back to ICE vehicles.

In 2022, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s government has aggressively promoted EV adoption as part of the country’s plans to cut down on emissions and it has done so with BYD’s vehicles at the forefront.

The top EV brands being sold in Australia currently are Tesla, BYD, and MG according to the latest data.

Here in Malaysia, the top spots for EVs are taken by both Tesla and BYD with BYDs currently in the lead in terms of total volume sold.

It’s still early days for Malaysia but global trends usually take a few years to reach Malaysia. Petrol cars outnumber EVs 80 to 1 here (despite the amount of Teslas you may see in KL).

If you’re one of the 22,728 people who have an EV in Malaysia, let us know, are you going to switch back to an ICE vehicle?

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