GrabDriveYourCar in Thailand is Chauffeur-On-Demand…For Drunk Drivers

Ever had a tad too much to drink but don’t want to leave your car behind and therefore convinced yourself that you’re okay to drive…but you’re actually not? Well, to further discourage drink driving, Grab Thailand has come up with a solution called GrabDriveYourCar.

Grab users in Thailand will find that a new “Drive for Me” button has been added to their app. This new service calls a driver to come and drive their car for them by simply selecting the pick-up and drop-off points, similar to when hailing a normal ride.

The service starts at THB350 (MYR48) and increases by THB100 (MYR14) every 5 kilometres, with toll fees being added to the total at the end of the ride. No, it’s not a cheap service but worth the price if it gets you and your car home in one piece.

Apparently, the pool of Grab drivers for this service has undergone tests and training programmes to familiarise with various vehicles. And for added assurance, the service has automatic insurance coverage.

Of course, GrabDriveYourCar is not limited to inebriated customers. Let’s say you are feeling unwell or just want someone to drive your car while you catch some Zs, you can also consider engaging the chauffeur-like service, although it appears that Grab is targetting customers who enjoy the nightlife a little too much.

No news yet on whether Grab will bring this service to other cities in which it operates. Would you like to be able to GrabDriveYourCar where you live?

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