Goodbye, Dirty Manila. Helloooooooo, Clark!

Philippine Automologist, HAROLD, might be packing up and moving…

Life in Metro Manila is so stressful! You are forced fed daily a menu of traffic jams, polluted air, floods on rainy days, fire and electrical hazards in the form of ugly octopus-like electric cables, poor housing conditions, crowded public hospitals and rising crime rates.

But I see a ray of hope for Metro Manila residents who are dreaming of a greener and smarter living. Maybe it is about time to sell your house or condominium unit and relocating to Clark, in Angeles Pampanga. Are you aware that there is another game-changing and grandiose project that the government had launched in that area: THE NEW CLARK CITY located on the former US Airforce Base, now a bustling economic hub.

It has a perfect mix of well-built business establishments, well-planned housing units, world-class transportation infrastructure, global-standard international airport, international-level hospital and medical facilities and an orderly peace-keeping force housed in a green and smart 9,000-hectare metropolis that can accommodate over 1,000,000 people.

The New Clark City is a “people-first,” environmentally friendly, economically sustainable and peaceful community intended to showcase a new Filipino way of living, setting a global example of sustainable urban development where health, quality life, transport and digital connectivity, jobs, innovative urban planning and attractive investor packages are the primordial elements.

The added beauty of the New Clark City is it being the hub of the Clark-Calamba speed railway that connects Clark International Airport, Bulacan International Airport and Ninoy Aguino International Airport to another booming metropolis Calamba City.

And for the nocturnal fun lovers, there is 2-kilometer strip of bars and restaurants beside the New Clark City called Friendship Highway.
When the Philippines can replicate the New Clark City concept in 12 other areas nationwide, then we decongest Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao and bring about the dawn of the new smart, green and economically-empowered Filipinos!

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