GM Sold 3.16 Million Vehicles in China Last Year


General Motors has released the 2013 sales numbers for China, announcing record sales for several of its brands and a record total of 3.16 million vehicles, 11.4% more than in 2012. December sales alone contributed 271 002 vehicles. Although the automaker experienced a slowdown in commercial vehicle sales, its broad range of brands and models appealed to the diverse needs of buyers across China.

Buick’s sales increased by 15.7%, catapulting sales to an all time high of 809 918 vehicles. Chevrolet also experienced an 8.5% increase to 652 077 vehicles, also a record for the marque. Cadillac saw the highest jump – 66.6% – to 50 005 vehicles. The Wuling brand sold the most vehicles – 1.48 million of them – which is an 11.2% improvement from the previous year.

Matt Tsien, President of GM China, is optimistic about the carmaker’s performance in the year to come. “We expect vehicle sales to remain robust in 2014, driven by ongoing strong demand across China for personal four-wheel transportation,” he said.

GM’s strong presence in China is via two wholly owned enterprises and 12 joint ventures.

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