Get Your Own Private EV Charger; Maybe Rent It To Your Neighbours

A few years ago, the Malaysian government got all excited about electric cars and wanted to electrify the roads by 2020; the numbers bandied around was 100,000 electric cars and about 25,000 public charging stations to follow. Well, in September 2018, there were only about 400 EV-charging stations across the country. And while present-day official numbers are not available, electric charging stations are undeniably still few and far in between and, we assume, falls short of 25,000.

It’s the age-old chicken and egg problem: we need more electric cars on the road to increase demand for charging stations; we need more charging stations to lower the barrier for EV adoption. Of course, the high price tag for EVs and long charging time and range anxiety are other major factors, but that’s for other articles and ones that we’ve already written:


If you are keen to get onto this electric bandwagon but tired of waiting for Greentech Malaysia to get one of its ChargEV stations to your neighbourhood, you can take matters into your own hands. With the slower-than-expected rate of public EV charger installations, private companies have moved in to provide private EV chargers to parking lot operators, building managers, petrol station owners or even private owners of a secondhand EV or PHEV.

One such local company is Industrial Automation, which has brought Circontrol, a Spanish brand, into our Malaysian market. Circontrol has worked with the likes of Nissan, Audi and VW on providing OE charging solutions. For RM5,300, they will help set up a Wallbox eHome in your very own home or parking space.

Think about it: If you live in a relatively high-traffic area, you could have one installed on your property and charge drivers for using it. But that’s not where the real money is. It’s from the other things you sell them whilst they wait that hour or two for their car to charge: coffee, cigarettes, insurance, religion (hah!)…Nothing like a captive audience to get deals sealed.

Or if you live in a condo and always wanted to own an EV or PHEV, but alas, no charging facility is available in the condo parking lot. You and your fellow residents, who also want to realise the electric dream, can band together to get a few parking spots upgraded:

Being one of the first and few in Malaysia to own your own EV charging station would give you bragging rights, no?

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