Geely’s Polestar Glitches Out

Yes, Volvo was involved in the design…the Polestar 2.

Polestar, not yet a familiar name but this is a relatively new company started up by Volvo and their parent company, Geely, has announced a recall of the vehicles thus far shipped due to a software glitch that will leave the car without power.

So far, they have only delivered about 2,200 vehicles and the glitch has only powered down a couple of vehicles thus far, but they are all coming back in. There are no reports of accidents or personal injuries because of the glitch, but all customers were informed last Friday to get the cars back in for a fix.

Polestar is allegedly a Swedish concern but to date, all production and all sales have been in China. The plan is to sell them in Europe and China soon and hit an annual target of 50,000 units per year within three years – well, according to Thomas Ingenlath, the Polestar CEO, that is.

Some sales have occurred in Germany, Sweden and Norway and the very first Polestar showroom was due to be opened in London’s Westfield Mall sometime this month, but it remains to be seen whether this will still be on schedule. Apparently, they also plan to launch in the US of A this year and will list the Polestar for USD59,900 with a federal tax credit of USD7500, a position designed to compete with the Tesla 3.

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