FT-1: An Icon Arises From Toyota

Is This The Next Supra?

The stunning FT-1 concept car designed by Calty Design Research and first appeared in the Sony PlayStation Gran Turismo game leapt from screen into reality at the North American International Auto Show, blowing the minds of the audience.

FT is an abbreviation for ‘Future Toyota’ and the number 1 represents its positioning as the ultimate machine. The FT-1 is a front-engined, rear-wheel drive sports coupé that has accents reminiscent of classic Toyotas, namely the 2000GT, Celica, MR2 and the Supra, of course, with an outward form that is curvy and lithe.

Well, it was about time that Toyota produced a sports car to fill the gap between the Lexus LFA and the Scion FR-S. Toyota is vague regarding the FT-1’s technical specifications, but the engine power is most likely to impress. A retractable rear wing can be deployed when the car hits high speeds to boost downforce.
The best part is that anyone can get behind the wheel of the FT-1…just play the game.
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