From Waste to Wave – Jaguar Surfboards

“Is Jaguar making surfboards now?” you ask. Why, yes. And they are making them from recycled Jaguar model car materials.

In 2010, scientists estimated that 8 million tons of plastic trash end up in the oceans and this number was set to increase ten-fold in the decade that followed. It is nearing the end of that decade, and we can only imagine the magnitude of plastic filth discarded into the ocean. Even plastics that are sent to a landfill would take 500 years to decompose.

Jaguar’s ‘Waste to Wave’ project aims to mitigate this problem. Its Formula-E team, Panasonic Jaguar Racing, uses boards that have been fabricated out of polyurethane to form the skeleton of life-size clay models. In partnership with SkunkWorks Surf Co in Northern Ireland, the waste plastic from disused clay models was turned into handmade surfboards.

Drivers of the Formula-E team, Nelson Piquet and Mitch Evans, went surfing recently at Punta Del Este, Uruguay, as part of the ‘FanBoost’ driver challenge.

The FanBoost is a unique opportunity for fans to give their favourite drivers a boost of power at key moments in the race. The tool allows the driver with the most votes to get a 5-second increase in power during the second half of the race.  Each driver participating in Formula E can be voted for in the six days prior to the race, as well as for the first six minutes into it.

But for them to get voted, they have to pull some pretty interesting stunts from time to time to get the public involved and on their side. In addition to the fun factor, Jaguar is also helping the planet in reducing overall waste.

“I’m a big supporter of sustainable technology,” said Piquet. “Panasonic Jaguar Racing shares my goals of reducing waste and improving the environment.

“This challenge was a personal favorite, and it’s great to know we’ve helped Jaguar Land Rover’s efforts to achieve zero waste.”

A brilliant way to enhance the appeal of Formula-E whilst protecting Mother Nature, no?

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