From the Street Driver to the Track Warrior, JF Power Motorsport Quenches Your Thirst for Power and Speed

Yong Woen Jack, or as he’s known to scores of customers as simply Jack, has been in the motorsport scene for almost two decades. It is easy to spot his 11,000sq ft showroom from the outside as it is the only building in the vicinity painted purple. Walking into the new showroom of JF Power Motorsport, you are greeted by a warm and relaxed atmosphere. There is a lounge for customers while they wait for their car to be prepped. Jack’s wife, who is a graphic artist herself, coordinated the look and feel of the interior.

A cosy interior.

JF Power Motorsport has been in operation for more than one and half years. Jack gives us a rundown of the business.

A: Tell us about JF Power Motorsport.

J: I started off in Sunway many, many years ago. 11 years, actually. And over the years we have made many new friends and customers, and along the way have built up our brand. We wanted to expand and venture into another new market, having built our base of followers, hence the name change. Moreover, this is an ideal location, with its space and ample parking.

Jack, the owner of JF Power Motorsport.

Another thing is that when we were in Sunway, we used to have our shops scattered throughout the area. For instance, the showroom, paint shop, factory and workshop were all at different locations, and it was a hassle to move from one place to another. Even though they were all close by, at times you had to look high and low for parking and we all know how the parking is in Sunway.

Here, everything is under one roof and it saves us a tremendous amount of time. It is also better for the customer because everything is right in front of their eyes.

A technician installing a new exhaust to enhance the performance of this Audi.

A: Nice. So what kind of cars do you guys work on?

J: Actually, we have made this place a one-stop centre. We have mechanics, paint guys, bodykit guys and we have a sales team in charge of performance parts. So we ensure that any car can have an upgrade. Our main business is service and maintenance, followed by performance upgrade…motorsport, so to speak. Previously, it was the other way around.

A VW gets its engine flushed with X-1R’s Engine Flush.

A: Why the switch?

J: You see, the businesses in Sunway are geared towards motorsport. So when we moved here, we switched the direction around by primarily focusing on service and maintenance. Our experience in motorsport is an added bonus.

And this area itself is resided by the middle- to upper-income group, as you can see by the 1 Utama Shopping Mall and also IKEA. The cars that we service or upgrade are of a different market from what we were used to…more towards the premium segment. Having said that, we still maintain the same level of service for all our customers, no matter which group they belong to.

A: And how many staff do you have working with you?

J: I have eleven of them consisting of locals and foreigners. Some of them have been with me for 5 to 6 years. So we understand each other’s work pattern.

A: How do you maintain that relationship with your staff?

J: Don’t act like a boss la. Yes, my role or title is the boss, but I treat each person well. Be their friend, ’cause when a staff is happy, you’re also happy, and your work gets done. Ultimately, the customer is also happy. So, it’s a win for all.

A: In this area, is there anyone else doing what you do?

J: I believe so but it all depends on their focus. Some focus on maintenance, while others are into bodykit or painting. We have all three under one roof.

A full house indeed. Image credit – JF Power Motorsport

A: So, how do you focus when you offer all types of services?

J: Take, for example, painting. If we are charging for our service, we make sure that there is quality in our work. We have a QC section overseen by one person and once that is passed, I too will conduct a check before it can be delivered to the customer. It may take longer but we do that to ensure that the customer is satisfied with our work, and it is by appointment only. Once a customer is satisfied with our service, he will eventually recommend us to his/her friends.

A plethora of aftermarket parts to enhance your ride.

A: And you also provide towing service if a customer is stranded, right?

J: That we do if the customer’s car is stalled somewhere close to our area. We try to do what is best for their peace of mind.

A: What would you say is the breakdown is in terms percentage for continental and JDM makes?

J: 90/10. 90% continental and the balance 10% are Japanese cars whose owners are my friends. (Laughs.) I still maintain their cars. However, many of them have switched over to driving continental cars. Here, we started with Volkswagen and Audi, and now we have a lot of BMWs and Mercs. All our parts and accessories come with a warranty. You have to. Even if I buy an original part, I would want it with a warranty, what more my customers.

Some of the products from our sponsor, X-1R, on display.

A: What about new cars with warranty from a manufacturer. Do customers just ignore that and just go ahead with an upgrade if they want to?

J: Normally, we start with the suspension first. You see, some customers are okay with changing the suspension and voiding the warranty. They want a better ride compared to the standard specification on offer. In any case, only the absorber warranty is voided but others are still maintained, so customers are okay with that. There is A LOT of difference between a standard suspension and an aftermarket piece. Better handling, better ride.

We educate customers and introduce new and better parts, like instead of going for an original part, why not pay the same price and get a better aftermarket one. Our customers generally are folks who want something better than what they drive. Not all of them are track warriors, though. But like our tagline, we cover everyone from street drivers to track warriors.

A car getting prepped for an artistic session.

A: Cool. So do you guys go for races or support any races?

J: We used to do it previously. Now I look for others to support me. (Laughs.) We used to spend a lot for trackday meets and it really brought up our name. We spent a lot on advertising in magazines, to the tune of almost RM200,000 per year. Now we’ve moved everything online, or most of it.

A: And why did you choose this colour – purple – on the outside, and apple green and purple on the inside?

J: Nobody does this colour. Everyone in motorsport does black, red, grey. We did it just to be different. Actually, my wife is the one who chose the colour and at first, I did not agree. But eventually, it grows on you. Now the place is cosier and our customers have a waiting area instead of a sitting or standing next to their car, with all the noise and work going on, like it was previously.

The lounge area for customers to chill while waiting for their cars.

A: Thank you for your time and sharing your experiences.

J: No worries. And thank you for coming over and supporting us. We appreciate it.

If you are very much into getting a better bang for your buck, look up JF Power Motorsport Sdn Bhd. 29, Jalan Teknologi 3/3A, Surian Industrial Park, Kota Damansara, PJU 5, 47810, Selangor, Malaysia. +603-0127787217

Facebook : JF Power Motorsport

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