From Siberia with Ice – an Icy Mercedes G-Wagen

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The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, also called a G-Wagen (Geländewagen, cross-country vehicle) is a tough, boxy four-wheel-drive luxury vehicle. How it came to be was the Shah of Iran, who had a significant stake in Mercedes back then, suggested a military vehicle. It is iconic, rugged and indestructible.

The G-Class has many variants but the most outrageous and cool (literally) has to be this one made from blocks of ICE!

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Vladislav Barashenkov, who is the host of Garage 54, a popular YouTube channel focusing on cars, had this segment featuring his G-Class go viral.

Barashenkov didn’t just want it to look cool, but be drivable as well, so he got himself an old UAZ 469 military utility vehicle, stripped it down to its chassis, and sculpted the body from ice.

Not satisfied with that, he fitted it with coloured LED lights, which refracted through the blocks of ice and drew even more attention.

Although it runs on a combustion engine, this 6-ton behemoth is a sight to behold in this freezing part of the world.

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