FORMULA E: Electric Fantastic Or Dead Battery

Ultimately you will decide.

Formula E kicks off tomorrow after much media hype this past year. Pioneer of a new age of racing, or simply another money-making gimmick? Will it flourish or flounder? MAC weighs in…

This weekend will see the inaugural Formula E race in Beijing around the Olympic ‘Birds Nest’ stadium. Backed by the FIA who sanction and regulate most major auto-races outside of the US of A, the initial season will have ten races, all on street circuits, in some of the major capitals of the world.

Although the season has been billed as a ten-race series, one city, Rio, has already dropped out and a replacement is being looked for; and the London leg is in trouble with the venue probably having to be switched from Battersea Park to the Axiata Stadium. Of course, with alternative fuel being a big part of the idea of the new race series, it is perhaps appropriate that the first race will be held in a city famed for its wintertime blanket of choking smog.

The Race calendar as it stands for 2014/15 Season:

13 September Beijing, China – Olympic Park
22 November Putrajaya, Malaysia – Persiaran Perdana
13 December Punta del Este, Uruguay – Playa Brava Beach
10 January Buenos Aires, Argentina – Puerto Madero
14 February TBC – previously Rio
14 March Miami, USA – circuit to be confirmed
4 April Long Beach California, USA – Long Beach
9 May Monte Carlo, Monaco – circuit to be confirmed
30 May Berlin, Germany – circuit to be confirmed
27 June London, UK – Battersea Park


Some of the world’s racing royalty have lined up behind the new series with the likes of Senna, Prost, Sato, Aguiri and Picquet being joined by Hollywood royalty such as Di Caprio and Clooney; and let us not forget good old loveable and cuddly Richard Branson of Virgin fame who is also getting involved.



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