Ford EcoBoost Engines are a Little Too Hot to Handle

Ford in the UK has agreed to refund owners of their popular EcoBoost-powered cars following a growing number of complaints about overheating and engine fires.

Just imagine being on your way home late at night when you realise that the eerie orange glow around the front of your car is not some sort of metrological event, but the first signs that your car is on fire. This is exactly what has been happening to drivers of Ford’s 1000cc and 1600cc EcoBoost-powered cars around the world.

Initially, Ford was silent on the issue but now in a massive reversal, the company has offered to compensate owners of cars that have suffered damage due to overheating or if the car has been destroyed by engine fire.

It would seem that the primary problem is with the cylinder head which, in a number of cases, cracked, allowing the cooling fluid to leak out. With no coolant, the car overheats and in extreme cases, bursts into fire. Normally, when your car starts to overheat, a warning light will tell you about this, but drivers who have been affected are reporting that no warning light came on to forewarn them of the problem.

The EcoBoost engine came into production in 2010 and was described by the company to be a ‘game-changer’. The power unit has won numerous international awards for energy efficiency and the 1000cc Fiesta is currently the number one best-selling car in the Europe. It will come as some surprise to know then that Ford has known about this problem since 2012 and actually issued a recall in 2014 in the US of A. The big question is why the company didn’t extend the recall to the rest of the world then—why wait?

Ford has agreed to cover the cost of repairs for any driver who has suffered financial loss due to the problem and will be retro-fitting a coolant sensor. It seems incredible that the standard engine temperature sensor was not capable of detecting a problem, but if you have a Focus, Kuga, C-Max, Fiesta ST or Transit parked in your garage, it may be a good idea to get down to your friendly Ford dealer ASAP.

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