Fontana presents Auto-Motorama 2015

The Fontana Clark Auto Motorama 2015 will take place at the Convention Centre at Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks, at the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga, this weekend, starting today. Besides being one of the biggest auto show in the country, the event – with the theme “Drive More to Reach More” – will feature other activities that will appeal to auto enthusiasts and the public in general, which also includes the Car and Truck of the Year Awards held in conjunction.

The Car and Truck of the Year Awards is organised by CAGI, which was established in 2004 and comprises motoring journalists from the country’s print, broadcast and online media. The group strives to determine the best vehicles in the country, utilising comprehensive quantitative and qualitative testing and analysis of the vehicle’s design, performance, safety, value and other relevant factors. Testing took place throughout October and the winners will be announced later today (we’ll be reporting on the results. Wait for it…)

Other events during the Auto Motorama include the Golf Invitational Cup, Formal Auto Show Pool Party, the Grand Finals of the Fontana Dance Showdown, as well as disc jockey entertainment and social media challenge for best photo.

The JSK Auto Fun Run will also take place tomorrow, with the aim of having 1,500 cars drive from Manila and converging in Fontana, in an attempt to set a new world record while promoting road safety; it will also include efforts to contribute to and promote the Reach Out World Wide Foundation. One of the partners of this gallant effort includes none other than our sponsor, X-1R.

Fontana’s CEO, Manuel Sequeira Sequeira, said, “If there’s one thing that can unite us all, it is our love and passion for driving. Thus, I invite all car and bike aficionados to come and join us.”

image: JSK Custom

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