Flame Thrower Drones to Go On Sale. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Drone or a disaster waiting to happen? Automologist MAC brings us the deets.

So, I would like you to imagine for a minute all the things that are wrong with the world and if you could, what you would invent to help out. Well, if your answer is a fully functioning flame-throwing drone, then hey, you are in luck.

And that is because a company called Throwflame, which as the name would suggest is a company that develops and sells flame throwers, has announced its latest model, the TF-19 WASP. This is a fully functioning flamethrower designed to be strapped onto a drone. The flame thrower is no lightweight either, according to the company, packing a one-gallon fuel tank that lets it shoot a 25-foot stream of liquid fire for about one and a half minutes. This is of course a bit worrying for those who prefer to not be on fire.


Now, if you think that only some post-apocalyptic maniacs with an aerial pyromania issue would buy these, then think again. Apparently, the drones are destined for the agricultural market, for things like grassland management or destroying wasp nests and perhaps, a little ironically, the training of firemen. But what will stop some crazies getting a hold of them and putting them to other uses? Well, other than the price tag, ‘not a lot’ is the answer to that question!

For now, the flame thrower is just a USD1,500 attachment that goes underneath existing drones. But the company has pledged to launch its very own fully integrated drone sometime soon, with an asking price between USD1,000 and USD10,000, depending on whether the customer wants a small BBQ or wants to really go to town, I am guessing.

For now, the countryside seems to have gotten just that little bit less welcoming and I am planning to stay inside for a while.

You decide:

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