First 2014 F1 Car Divulged By Force India

Force India is the first team to pull off the veil from its new F1 car – the VJM07! The VJM07 brings a fresh image for the team, with a black background that frames traditional colours of saffron, white and green.
Team owner, Vijay Mallya, said, “The VJM07 looks stunning and the new livery reflects the way Sahara Force India is evolving. I’ve always believed our cars have been the most eye-catching, but adding black as a main colour gives us a fierce new look.”
The existing Mercedes power unit has been retained, but the originally McLaren gearbox has been changed to Mercedes’. Andrew Green, the Technical Director, stated, “From where we stand, it doesn’t look hugely different, but it is. Every single part of it is different, from the front wing right back to the diffuser. Its genetics still lie in the 2013 car, and it’s based around the same concepts, but we’ve had to achieve the same results in a slightly different way.”
Downforce from the exhaust has been reduced considerably. In 2013, flow of gases could be diverted out through the sidepods, generating extra downforce that further stabilised the rear. The regulation, however, has been tweaked so that the exhaust outlet is located centrally, behind the rear axle.
The VJM07 will be piloted this season by the returning Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez, following his release from McLaren. After the end of the 2013 season last November, the teams have been working non-stop to prep their new chargers in time for the upcoming Jerez test and the first race of the new season, the Australian GP on 16 March.


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