Fiat 500 Turns Into 500X With Just A Pill

Now on display at the 2014 Paris Motor Show is the Fiat 500X compact crossover with its own unique dimensions to distinguish itself from the 500 family. Many would say that it was ‘prettier’ than the more manly, and perhaps thicker-looking, Mini Countryman. It may have sleeker lines, but the 500X is not much longer or taller than the Renegade.

We wish that we could make our car bigger by just giving it a pill (like we do that ‘other’ thing). In this Fiat ad, it is just as simple as that. Imagine what happens when a representation (to avoid trademark issues?) of the famous ‘blue pill’ lands in the Fiat 500’s petrol tank…then watch this ad to see if your imagination is correct.

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