Ferrari Pre-sells Entire Production Run of the Monzas, Despite the US$1.3 Million Price Tag!

Going, going, gone! Hot on the heels of the announcement by Ferrari of the limited addition Sp1 and SP2 open-top supercars comes the sad but inevitable news that they are all gone. Despite the price tag of over US$1.3 million, all 1,000 of the retro-styled supercars have been snapped up by eager Ferrari owners wanting to add a piece of future automotive history to their collection.

Read of them here:

The Ferrari You Will Want But Probably Never Get.


The pair of delectable yet somewhat impractical beasties were unveiled to an audience of devoted Ferrari tifosi at a private event in Maranello earlier this month. To get onto that particular guest list, you needed to be a recognised Ferrari collector and already own a ‘significant’ Ferrari.

The company is only making a total of 500 of each of the single- and two-seater versions, which have been described by Nicolo Boari, Ferrari’s Head of Marketing, as the most powerful Ferraris ever made. With 810 bhp under the front bonnet, he may well be right, but at that price tag, it’s doubtful if anyone will ever drive the car in ‘anger’.

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