Ferrari Confirms Its First SUV Model

The Ferrari Purosangue, SUV but not as we know it.

Ferrari has announced that its first ever crossover—don’t-call-it-an-SUV!—will be with us by 2022. And that strange shacking of the ground near Modena in Italy, the home of Ferrari, is not an earthquake, but poor old Enzo Ferrari turning in his grave after hearing the news.

The name of the new SUV, sorry, crossover is Purosangue, which is pronounced something like poo-row-song-way, and means thoroughbred in Italian and, of course, a pretty good way to say that the crossover will not sacrifice the driving dynamics that typify all previous Ferraris.

Now, if you recall just a few short years ago, the former Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler Chairman, the late Sergio Marchionne, when asked about a Ferrari SUV replied that “you would have to shoot me first” before you would see an SUV roll off the production line at Modena. It would now appear that Sergio had changed his mind somewhat before his death, and had realised just what a pile of cash the company could make by producing its very own Cayenne or Bentayga or Urus.

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Buyers will have a choice of either an all-petrol-powered conventional power-train or a petrol hybrid version under the sheet metal. Both versions will have all-wheel-drive and a double clutch transmission. The engine will be upfront mounted behind the front axle, a feature that is becoming almost a preferred choice for new Ferrari models, and the platform will be used in a variety of other models that will be developed over the next five years.

Can’t wait.

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